love i roc royal..thinking about its ok adeah baby, we all need are sleep i he is so fine doin too much i should have cheated i changed my mind let me love you i'm your fiacee i holpe her baby is mine! baby pirncess daugher adeah pirnceess baby girl(: birth pregant hey baby, yevtte came and kissed his cheek, she had a picnic with lunch for two, and encoraged push to take basked.......give your heart a breaki love was will pretty lady good crazy sex with handsome man iam but chating std.......wannna hit up? look at ma baby dady.he so sexy [rocroyal] you make m smile>>.> i love will be feel happy i was when i see you i other i can't to beafutul child text heyboo honey! as long as long love me coulpe......oh baby! baby by me sexy love lazy love things i did for love who baby father that could be us i love will be by beafutul . wofuel .? baby girl pirncees child i already find the cue bestfriend this is for my friend who adress roc......roc has rocky pooh only i plessae i konw good i her baby girl i just special girl! i we wiil see i am beaftutul i bring to pirncees by birth girl where have you been love like honey wet the bed....congratuion &good luck i love will be famliy i beafutul are an i dream to love fleationship child .i wsh togher i heATBEARK I FOREVER I FEEING HUR ME I BEST FRIEND I MISS U TAKE LONG WAY I LEAVE YOU ALONG I PREGANT BUT YES BABY I GREAT WORK ......AWINGINZG I ADEAH ROC ROYAL D.STAR....I PRETTY GIRL? I FEEING I SWEET HAPPY.......I LOVE BOYFRIEND AT LOT I GIRLS TALKING BOUT I UH-OH WHO MY BABY FATHER LEAVE YOU ALONG....OOOHH YOU HIGH BABY YEAH YATALK TOME YOU WANT ME TO TELL YOU SOMING U-HUH

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