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Keisha gamble

Mindless Behavior's Manager Keisha Gamble


Mindless Behavior and their manager Keisha Gamble

Keisha Gamble is one of Mindless Behavior's managers. She is the true mother figure in their life being that they all live together in Los Angelos. Not that much has been revealed to the fans about her being that she is never seen in the public eye, but she is often mentioned to the fans by the Mindless Behavior Members.Also Mb was known as a BEST Friend of Real Prosperity they found each other on twitter @Lilladicee 3 young lady's!

The few times she has been seen,she wore casual and compfy clothing. She attends all of Mindless Behavior interviews and concerts she has also been on all their tours.

When 'MB Cam' was in running she was usually behind the camera, she is Mindless Behavior go to girl she helps them alot as seen in the setting up of their 'ustream' being that she is the only person they always ask weither or not they are on line.

Her age is again not known by the fans of Mindless Behavior but if you want to know simply add her on Facebook or twitter or better yet askMindless Behavior during their next Ustream, Keisha is surely going to be in the room.

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