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MindlessBehavior Wiki:Prodigy

Last edited on December 31, 2013
by Jeweliette.collins






Singer, Dancer

Hair Color

Dark Brown/Blonde

Eye Color



Mindless Behavior

Craig Crippen, Jr. AKA Prodigy was born on December 26,1996 in Philadelphia. He currently resides at the "Conjunction household" with the other Mindless Behavior members in Los Angeles, California. He is the lead singer of the group. Prodigy has a unique style made up of mainly popping, locking, and doing backflips. He was the second to last one to join the band as he was discovered through YouTube by choreographer, Dave Scott.  

His favorite food is chicken fingers and french fries. Prodigy frequently changes the color of his main hairstyle,a mohawk, to a blonde or black color. He has often stated that his favorite color is red.

Prodigy's personality can be described as both outgoing, quiet, and laid back. He has stated many times in interviews that he just likes to chill when he has down time. Also, he is content to let the others speak in interviews unless he has something singularly important to say or if he is addressed specifically. However every once in a while, Prodigy has confessed that he becomes hyperactive and outgoing but this side of him is normally reserved for his time with his close friends and family. Despite this, Prodigy is often regarded as the most mature and level headed member of the group.

As a kid, Prodigy took interest in dancing when his father got him the DVD for the movie "You Got Served," which Dave Scott was the choreographer for. In the middle of the night, one day, Walter (manager) calls Prodigy's father and talks to him about being in Mindless Behavior, as Walter asked for Prodigy to sing for him, and that's when Prodigy joined the band.

Prodigy, like the other members of the group, has a signature accessory which is his Teddy Bear chain and various sunglasses. His style also consists of custom jackets and designer jeans, especially brands such as Y-3's G-star and Diesel. Prodigy has named his musical influences to include Michael Jackson, Usher, and Chris

Prodigy left the group as of November 2013. His mother made the annoucement via Instagram. Many of the Mindless fans were devasted about the news