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My Girl (Remix)04:09

My Girl (Remix)

My girl remix
My Girl (Remix) is the remix of the orignial, My Girl song but features Ciara, Lil Twist, and Tyga. The music video was released on March 24, 2011 and got 4,540,741 views.

Music Video

The video opens with Mindless Behavior and their manager, Walter Millsap, going up in a elevator in an warehouse and then goes to Tyga with his girlfriend and Ciara with Mindless Behavior dancing and then she sings "My Boy, he loves me, he hits me all the time" and Lil Twist rapping about his girlfriend and then Mindless Behavior who all have black "Beats By Dr. Dre" headphones all dance with other people until it turns into a party and go on the roof to dance towards the ends of the video. It end, Ciara saying their names and saying they so crazy and Roc said "MB y'all". The video can be seen above.

Mindless Behavior



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me being mindless

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