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Ray Ray






Rapper, Dancer

Hair Color

Dark brown

Eye Color

Dark Brown


Mindless Behavior


January 6, 1996

Relationship Status


Rayan Lopez aka Ray Ray was born January 6, 1996. He is the second member to join Mindless Behavior. He was discovered by Walter's uncle as he told Walter about Ray Ray as he joined the band after dancing for Walter, he was immdiately in the group . In the group, he lends his incredible dancing skills along with his vocal and rapping powers.

Before joining the group Ray Ray, used to krump with Tommy the Clown until he left his crew to be in Mindless Behavior. Ray Ray is the oldest member of the group at age 18. Even with his full stage name, Ray Ray, his bandmembers simply call him Ray.

Personality wise, many fans have described Ray Ray as a "funny" and "down to earth" young man. He is known for being the prankster of of the group. Ray Ray has said that he is mixed with African-American, Indian, Belizean, and creole. Another trait that Ray Ray is noted for is the fact that he speaks his mind and is often blunt when it comes to his opinions, whether it comes to his friends or fans, but he always seems to mean well. Ray Ray's favorite food is tacos, but he also loves belgium waffles and rapping about chicken.

Like all the other boys Ray has a unique style. Ray's signature accesory on stage are his aviator goggles. However offstage, he is often seen wearing his Domo Hat  and more recently beanies. He also is very fond of Vans and Doc Marten shoes. Ray has also stated several times that he loves all girls because they are all beautiful in their own way.

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