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  • VideoVixen123

    Featured Voting are that decide what is displayed on the main page of the wiki.This month is June.Voting will be over on the last week of June and the displays will be set up.

    Featured Member Featured Song Featured Video Featured Image(Just give me the file name.) Featured User

    Copy and paste and put your answers in the comments.

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  • VideoVixen123

    I'm from wikis that are clean and organized,and I would like to help this wiki by adding a few suggestions.

    First:We need to start deleting comments that are useless.For example:A anonymous person posts a comment on the Ray Ray page.

    RandomUser1:hi ray ray i love you please marry me

    I highly doubt Ray Ray is gonna see this.And this is junking up the wiki.We want it to be a database for fans to hang out and find out information out.So I reccomend we delete comments like this and keep comments like:

    RandomUser2:I love Ray Ray,I hope he marries me one day.

    Because it's showing love for Ray Ray,but not directly to Ray Ray,and the admins look more sensible and on top of their job.

    The second thing is take away a Wiki contributors rights.I understand …

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